March 2020

Miracles Pt 1

Welcome to Hope City Church! What if the miracles that we’re waiting for are waiting for us? Let’s go to the maker of miracles instead of just the miracle.

Purpose for the Pain

Family 30 Pt. 4

Our titles in our family carry weight, regardless if its son, daughter, wife, father, mother, brother, husband, or sister. What if we finish our 30 days bettering our families by viewing our titles the way God intended?

February 2020

Family 30 Pt 3

Blended, mended, and extended; our families are all perfect in the eyes of God. What if we took 30 days to start to see them, and treat them, as God intended?

Family 30 Pt. 2

What if it’s not just about what we add to our families, but also what we take away? What is God saying is not allowed in our families, and what should be the most important piece?